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When is Wing Chun not Wing Chun?

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“Wing Chun, as I learnt in Hong Kong, was developed and refined for self-protection outside of a classroom. It was the system that many teenagers turned to in Hong Kong to protect themselves in street fights, gang fights and Beimo challenges. It is not a competition style. It doesn’t require mats nor protective padding or learning restrictive rules. Don’t get me wrong. I am all for evolution and development, but changing something entirely is not evolution, and I feel we are in danger of diluting and losing a fabulous martial art system by adding unnecessary moves, techniques and applications from other martial arts systems and calling it Wing Chun. I have stated often that Wing Chun is a set of simple and practical tools that can be deployed in a myriad of ways. Those tools have been refined and simplified over many years and are more a collection of experiences of past fighters than a martial arts style. Just because the tool set is over a hundred years old doesn’t mean it needs to be changed, added to, or detracted from. Since around 1481, the English language has used the same 26 letters, despite new inventions occurring and the need for new words (iPhone, Bluetooth, laptop, etc.). There has been no need to add any new letters; the same is true of Wing Chun. We need not add new techniques, but combine and utilise the existing tools we have to deal with modern street fighting.”

Article by Sifu Shaun Rawcliffe

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